When it comes to deciding what to read, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to choose a book that you might find interesting. I know I have been there more than once. Since there are so many books available for consumption, it can seem like a daunting task to select a new book to read – especially if you are not a big reader. 

Now, with the aid of digital media, finding new books that fit your preferences has never been easier. With a click of a button, you are able to access just about any book you want. All you need to do is just take a little time to look into different digital platforms and you are sure to discover a book that looks like it might be a fun read to you.  

Ultimately, when it comes to using digital media to find new book recommendations, it is often dependent on what is trending at the time. What books are popular depends on how well they are marketed and how people react to these books.

What books are trending can be influenced by people who love books and are actively seeking new ones.

Every time I finish my book stash I keep on hand, I begin looking for new books based on the ones I enjoy. All of the digital media platforms I am suggesting for discovering new books are ones that I have used or still use to find new books.   

Look into Goodreads

Goodreads is a nifty website that connects you with new books and other book lovers. On the website, you are able to browse millions of books of any genre you desire. It is so easy to just scroll through Goodreads looking at all of the book options – some being ones you never would have come across without the website.

On Goodreads, millions of books are rated and the steps to getting started are easy.

  • Sign up
  • Read the reviews
  • See the high scores
  • Find good books for you within minutes

This website is great for someone who does not do much reading. The website is designed so you can search for books based on different genres that interest you and popular books club lists. You can look at any and everything that sounds fun to read before making your selection.

I am a huge fan of Goodreads. I love browsing through new books that I have never heard of before and scrolling through the recommendations for books I have read and rated. There are endless options, and Goodread makes it easier to sift through them to find a book that best fits your interests.

Browsing through books has never been easier!

Give Pinterest a try

This image is a picture of the Pinterest logo.
Pinterest logo via Pinterest

What can I say, I am a big Pinterest kinda girl. It is by far my favorite social media platform. I have the option to scroll through recipes, home design, and DIY projects for as long as I want to. 

However, my favorite part about Pinterest is that you are able to find really good book recommendations. Other book bloggers post their recommendations based on books they enjoyed where you can then decide if the books they blog about are ones you would enjoy.

Looking into book bloggers is a great way to utilize digital media by becoming engaged with other readers so that you can find a book for yourself.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that when you click on an image or a specific book recommendation, other related books or blog posts will pop up below.

You can spiral down the rabbit hole when looking for new books on Pinterest because with every new pin you select you will find three more that also sound good. But that is really the whole idea behind using this social media platform to find new books.

This is definitely the best part about Pinterest! I really don’t know what I would do without it!

Check out BookTube

This is a picture of a person holding a book that says "An introduction to BookTube." This is the best I could figure out for representing BookTube in image formatting.
Dan Price via MUO

If you are not the type of person who wants to scroll and read a blog, I understand.

Digital media has expanded so much over the years that YouTube is a very popular source for a quick how-to and entertainment – even when talking about books.

YouTube allows you to become even more specific in your searches because there so many people who upload videos. BookTube is a wonderful side of YouTube where book lovers read a crazy number of books and post their reviews and recommendations.

There are so many great channels to check out if you are looking for something new to read, and book lovers tend to post their selections in categories.

You can search for book videos based on the genre of books you enjoy such as a good action/adventure novel or a thrilling mystery (but you can’t forget my favorite being a good rom-com!).

More than likely at least one book lover will have posted a video with new book ideas that you will be dying to try. Search for reviews with the specific genre you have in mind to narrow down your selection.

Once you have found a few videos, to begin with – the next step is to watch and decide which ones look like they might be good options for you (hard right!).

With the help of digital media, BookTube is just one way you can search for new books.

Explore BookTok

This is an image of a BookTok promotional. It was just to let people know that they can get book recommendations from TikTik.
Image via Eason

Over the last couple of years, TikTok has blown up in popularity. There is no doubt that it is definitely one of the most used apps around the world.

Book lovers have moved to take over a side of TikTok that is lovingly referred to as BookTok.

This side of TikTok is amazing for a quick and easy suggestion for new books. Book lovers create little videos with their suggestions based on specific categories. These could include an enemy-to-lovers romance, some of the classics, or a good sci-fi book.

Really, the options are endless and so many people post on this digital platform.

As with BookTube, there are some popular BookTokers who have really great selections from their nonstop reading hobby.

These book lovers utilize social media to help them spread the word about what is trending in the world of books and which ones are good.

Browse through BookBub

This is just a simple image of the BookBub logo.
Juliet Nelson via BookBub

BookBub is another great digital media tool that allows for easier access to books.

This app is a little different from the others as it supplies deals when downloading or purchasing books. Since the BookBub app syncs directly with the book app on your phone or computer, the deals of the day will automatically appear in your library post download.

Every day there are daily deals where some books are free and others can be purchased at a lower price than they typically sell for.

Deals can be specified to your particular preference as to what genre of books you enjoy reading.

I am a big fan of BookBub. I check which deals are being offered every morning to see if there is a book that fits the bill for what I would find fun to read. I mean, who doesn’t love a free book!

Finding new books is really that easy

With the help of digital media, finding a new book has never been easier.

Even if I have a stockpile of new books on my books shelf to read, I still enjoy the process of searching for new books. This has been made so easy with the help of the digital world and the new websites and social media platforms that help spread the word about books.

Clearly, books are still kind of cool! I mean they have a whole side of TikTok – why would they have that if they weren’t!

Feature Image Credit: jovan_epn via Getty Images

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